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AutoCAD Exposed


The information on this page is either not documented or only partially documented. As with all undocumented and unsupported information, use it with caution! That said, there are some useful features hidden away inside AutoCAD which everyone may find interesting, and even useful. Contributors are listed at the end of each page, and their contributions are denoted with a superscripted number in brackets (e.g. [1]) in the area where they contributed information.


The contents of this page are Copyright 1998-2002 ManuSoft, All Rights Reserved. The contents of this page may not be reproduced under any circumstances without permission from the author! Permission to print one hardcopy of this page for individual use is hereby granted.


ManuSoft is in no way responsible for either the accuracy or completeness of information on this page! Neither ManuSoft, Owen Wengerd, nor any credited or uncredited contributors may be held liable for any damages which may result either directly or indirectly from the use of information on this page! In other words, use at your own risk!

Owen Wengerd, President
# Article Title
1 Undocumented System Variables
2 Undocumented ObjectARX Functions
3 Undocumented Commands
4 Undocumented AutoLISP Functions
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