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Undocumented Commands


Some of these commands are present in the AutoCAD command table, but are disabled, and therefore are not recognized as commands. They are included for the sake of completeness.

Command Introduced Notes
*SCROLL R12 Resets the "pan" scroll bars.
.ACADSTATUS pre R12 Creates ACAD.SLG in same directory as ACAD.EXE. The file contains an internal status log. [You must precede this command with an extra period to use it at the command line.]
.ACLTSTATUS R13 Same as ACADSTATUS, except for AutoCAD LT. [You must precede this command with an extra period to use it at the command line.]
.SYSSTATUS R14 Does nothing.
-OLDMTEXT R14 Runs the R13 -MTEXT command.
ADIDUMP R13 Does nothing.
AXIS pre R12 It just tells you it's a discontinued command (remember AXISMODE?)
CONTENT R14 Does nothing. Could it be a prelude for the 'Content Explorer'?
CONVERTPOLY R14 Convert both ways between old style polylines and the new lightweight polylines. This is a very useful one!
DLGCOLOR* R13 Controls dialog colors in R13/DOS, does nothing in other versions.
*This command is documented in R13, but not in R14.
DRGINSERT R14 Does nothing.
DUMPMEMALLOC R13 Provides internal memory information.
DVBIN R14 Does nothing. Probably intended for importing VBA macro.
DVBOUT R14 Does nothing. Probably intended for exporting VBA macro.
ENDSV R12 An interesting variant of END, with a warning about being unable to save vector files(?).
FILEOPEN R12 A command-line only variant of OPEN. In R13, this command is issued when selecting a file from the MRU file list in the 'File' menu.
KABOOM! R13 Does nothing. Looks fun, though!
KRISTI R13 Creates cat_acad.h and cat_acad.rc in the ACAD.EXE directory. These files contain resource definitions for all loaded toolbar buttons. They don't look very useful to me, but I'll bet Kristi needed them.
MAKEBLK R14 Does nothing.
OFFLINE R13 Warns that it is "not converted to AcDb yet", then does nothing.
OLDMTEXT R14 Runs the R13 MTEXT command.
OLDMTPROP R14 Runs the R13 MTPROP command.
PAINTER R13 Does nothing in R13, runs _MATCHPROP in R14.
PRPLOT pre R12 Tells you that it's a discontinued command (remember "printer plots"?)
RENDENV R14 Does nothing.
SETENV R13 Does nothing.
UNLOCK R13 Does nothing.
VIEWTOOLBAR R13 Does nothing.
XDRGINSERT R14 Does nothing.

Additional Information:

  1. Here's an intriguing command which crashes AutoCAD R13:
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