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ManuSoft has a reputation for producing innovative solutions for AutoCAD. Our products address a variety of common problems faced by AutoCAD users, problems that most developers find difficult or impractical to solve. We support the shareware distribution model, a model that allows you to try the product before you buy. None of our products use any copy protection or time bomb scheme: we trust you to do the right thing and purchase the product if you find that it meets your needs. Our goal is to exceed your expectations!

Here is a list of our software along with a brief description of each product:

Freebies HOT!

A collection of various and sundry unique utilities and tools, all free of charge!


RoboCache is a command line tool for managing the offline files cache. System administrators will love the ability to script and automate offline files management, including the ability to perform operations on all files in a directory hierarchy.

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QuikPik is the answer to many AutoCAD users' dreams. It virtually eliminates missed picks, locks toolbars and other floating windows so they can't be accidentally moved, allows many AutoCAD dialogs to be enlarged, and solves a host of other interface problems that many users didn't even realize they had until they tried QuikPik. If you use AutoCAD, you will immediately fall in love with QuikPik!

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Periscope is designed to give you quick and concise information about the objects in your drawings. Just move the cursor over an object, and Periscope pops up a small tooltip-like window with practically every important piece of information about the object. Periscope is the perfect tool if you need to check or work with drawings created by someone else.

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Have you ever encountered a stubborn layer that just would not go away? Or drawing files that ballooned in size for no apparent reason? If you have, then you will appreciate SuperPurge. SuperPurge is designed as the be all, end all utility for removing unwanted drawing database objects, including those which are still referenced by other objects! SuperPurge works inside AutoCAD on a single drawing file, and it may be used to batch process multiple files automatically by using any of several popular batch processing utilities for AutoCAD.

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EDU-Scan monitors access to external drawing files, and immediately warns when educational product drawing files are accessed. EDU-Scan provides a warning, and an opportunity to cancel the operation before it can result in contamination of additional files. This is a must-have utility for keeping commercial drawings free from contamination, especially in environments where drawing files are provided by or exchanged with external sources.

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Product Support

We provide full technical support for registered users of any of our products. If you are evaluating a product, we will be more than happy to assist with any questions on a time-permitting basis. For urgent assistance or sales support you may call us during normal business hours at +1-813-643-1227. For non-emergency assistance, please use one of the following email options:

Technical Support
Sales Support
Billing Inquiries
Feedback & Wishlist Requests


Customer Service

Customer Service Center

Existing customers may visit the Customer Service Center to view order history and to obtain the latest updates to previously purchased software.

Update Contact Info

If you have purchased ManuSoft software in the past, we want to keep you notified of any important updates. If your contact information has changed since your purchase, please take a minute to log in and update your contact information.

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