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EDU-Scan is designed to prevent commercial drawings from accidentally becoming contaminated with a plot stamp that accompanies any drawing content originating from an Autodesk Educational Market Release product. Educational market products all plot with an obvious plot stamp PRODUCED BY AN AUTODESK EDUCATIONAL PRODUCT along all four edges of the plot. When an educational product drawing is inserted into a normal drawing, the normal drawing inherits the plot stamp.

The purpose of this plot stamp is to prevent reduced price educational products from being used to create commercial drawings (something that the educational product license prohibits). Unfortunately, sometimes educational product blocks or third party files are unknowingly and unintentionally used in a commercial project, and the contamination is not noticed until many drawings are infected.

EDU-Scan monitors access to external drawing files, and immediately warns when an educational product file is accessed. EDU-Scan provides a warning, and an opportunity to cancel the operation before it can result in contamination of additional files. A small icon in the AutoCAD status bar indicates whether the current drawing is infected, and the real-time monitor provides an immediate warning if any educational product content is accessed.

EDU-Scan supports the following AutoCAD platforms:

AutoCAD 2002
AutoCAD 2000i
AutoCAD 2000* (SP1 and later)
AutoCAD LT 2002
AutoCAD LT 2000i
AutoCAD LT 2000*

*The educational product plot stamp on plotted output was first introduced with AutoCAD 2000i. Although EDU-Scan is supported on AutoCAD 2000 (SP1 and later) and AutoCAD LT 2000 platforms, those versions do not plot the educational product stamp (however they can still infect drawings so later versions of AutoCAD do plot the stamp).

Download the shareware version of EDU-Scan and try it for yourself!


The EDU-Scan interface is very simple. A small icon in the AutoCAD status bar with the letters "EP" indicates the status of the current drawing. When the current drawing is infected with the educational product plot stamp, the letters EP appear in red; otherwise the letters are greyed out. Right clicking on the button opens a context menu with options for an 'About' dialog.

There is no graphical user interface for configurable settings in EDU-Scan, however there are several AutoCAD profile settings that may be used to change the default EDU-Scan behavior. Administrators may use these configuration settings to enforce use of EDU-Scan throughout an organization, or to modify it's default behavior.

For programmers, EDU-Scan defines an AutoLISP function named (IsEMR). This function returns T if the current drawing contains the educational product plot stamp, or nil otherwise.


Buy EDU-Scan now at our online store! For mail or fax orders, please download the shareware version of EDU-Scan and use the included order form. Orders may be sent via phone, fax, or email. Purchase orders are accepted from established companies. Payment terms and instructions are available on our order form.

Buy Now  US$25.00   Single-User License
Buy Now  US$120.00   20-User License (5-20 Users)
Buy Now  US$350.00   100-User License (Unlimited Locations)
Buy Now  US$350.00   Site License (Unlimited Users, Single Location)


Download a fully functional shareware version of EDU-Scan: ES100S.exe (417k)

You may use this shareware version for evaluation purposes only (typically no more than 30 days.) Except for a reminder that displays when EDU-Scan loads, this version is identical to the registered version of EDU-Scan. Installation is quick and simple by running the self extracting installation program. An order form is included with the download (OrderFrm.doc and OrderFrm.txt) or you may buy EDU-Scan at our online store for immediate download.

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