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ADS / ObjectARX

Filename Size Date Compatible with: Description
Platform Release
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20 k 1997-08-21 Win R13-
Translates double-clicks into two discrete single clicks in order to prevent the Windows double-click mechanism from causing AutoCAD to miss pointing device clicks. Load the appropriate .arx file with APPLOAD to activate the feature. Includes source code.
Looking for an upgrade? Try QuikPik! 70 k 2009-01-24 Win R2007-R2009 Changes AECOPEN command to immediately open file browser dialog.
5 k 1998-08-27 Win R14 This ARX defines an (ApplyLayerTableChanges) lisp function which forces layer table changes to be flushed to the display. It does this by simply calling the ApplyLayerTableChanges() ARX function.
Big Dialogs
190 k 1997-10-16 Win R14
BigDlg is a simple attempt at making some common R14 dialog boxes larger by editing dialog box resources in acadres.dll. There are some catches (as explained in !ReadMe.txt), but overall I think it worked pretty well. Again, this includes a modified acadres.dll from a US English AutoCAD R14 (it will probably work in localized versions of AutoCAD, but all dialog text will be in English.)
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Big Layer
8 k 1998-09-06 Win R14 Big Layer Dropdown is a utility which reprograms the layer dropdown combo box in the 'Object Properties' toolbar so that it displays wider and taller. This results in no more truncated layer names, and as many layers listed at once as possible. The program works entirely transparently to AutoCAD -- just load the ARX, either manually or automatically at startup.
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4 k 1998-10-05 Win R14 A sample ARX application which demonstrates a safe way to modify the AutoCAD window title. The sample appends a smiley emoticon to the default window title. Includes source code. 246 k 2014-03-29 Win R2007 - R2015 A utility to repair drawing files that contain corrupted text which causes AutoCAD to warn about a missing language pack.
FINDVRTX.ZIP 5 k 1997-10-11 Win R14 FindVertex is intended to demonstrate how it is possible to use ARX to find the selected segment of an LWPOLYLINE in AutoCAD R14. It defines a (FindVertex) AutoLISP function which expects the entity name of an LWPOLYLINE and a 3D point in UCS coordinates; it returns the integer index of the vertex which precedes the selected point (where the first vertex is index zero, and so on). Includes source code.
FULLPATH.ZIP 20 k 1997-11-20 Win R13
FullPath forces the AutoCAD window title bar to show the full path of the current drawing. Can be loaded automatically at startup (see !ReadMe.txt for loading instructions).
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IDSHX.ZIP 164 k 1996-06-26 DOS/
An ADS program (with C source code) which identifies an .SHX file. (IDSHX <shx_filename>) checks an .SHX file and returns:
  • 0 . . . . . . unknown file
  • 1 . . . . . . font file
  • 2 . . . . . . bigfont file
  • 4 . . . . . . shape file
  • nil . . . . . file not found or not accessible
  • LOCKTB.ZIP 7 k 1998-04-27 Win R14 LockToolbar is a utility which "locks" AutoCAD Release 14 toolbars in position by tricking Windows into ignoring mouse picks on anything but the toolbar buttons themselves. This prevents the common problem of accidentally rearranging toolbars.
    Looking for an upgrade? Try QuikPik! NEW! 787 k 2024-04-06 Win R2000 - R2025;
    Bricscad 9 - 24;
    ZWCAD+ 2014 - 2023
    LspLoad includes ARX/BRX/ZRX files for each supported version of AutoCAD, Bricscad, and ZWCAD that are designed to be renamed to the name of an associated .lsp/.fas/.vlx file in the same directory. When the LspLoad module loads, it in turn loads the associated LISP file. This makes it possible to use AutoCAD and Bricscad registry demand loading to automatically load a LISP application at startup. THERE IS LIMITED DOCUMENTATION! If you need help, post in the Autodesk discussion groups and someone will assist you. (See Demand Loading a LISP File for more information, including source code.) 5 k 2000-01-02 Win R14 This small ARX exposes the AcDb3dSolid::getMassProp function to AutoLISP, thus allowing mass properties of 3DSOLID objects to be obtained with an AutoLISP function call. Includes source code. 301 k 2016-11-04 Win R2000 - R2015;
    Bricscad 14 - 17;
    ZWCAD+ 2014 - 2017
    QuirkyPolyline converts standard lightweight polylines into "quirky" polylines with an unconventional curve parameterization useful for experimentation and testing parameterized curve code.
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