Filename Size Date Compatible with: Description
Platform Release
AcadInfoCenterOff.msi 123 k 2021-03-23 Win R2004-
LT 2004 - LT 2022
Utility to turn off InfoCenter (aka Communication Center). Install to disable for all versions; uninstall to restore previous settings.
AcadStatButton.zip 1.2 MB 2016-03-26 Win R14-
Bricscad 9 - 16; ZWCAD+ 2014 - 2015
Freeware C++ library for adding your own status bar button to the right edge of the AutoCAD/Bricscad/ZWCAD status bar. Includes ActiveX interface for use in VBA and Visual Lisp.
iClean.zip 7 k 2001-06-16 Win R2000i
Remove Buzzsaw, RedSpark, and Point A icons from file dialog 'places' list.
KEYPAD.ZIP 8 k 1995-01-14 Win R13 Defines a keypad toolbar (including all the bitmaps). No documentation.
LispPluginSetup.zip NEW! 14 k 2022-06-08 Win R2000-
Bricscad 9 - 22; ZWCAD+ 2014 - 2022
Inno Setup script demonstrating how to build a lisp plugin setup program that configures the plugin to load at startup. See ReadMe.txt for additional requirements.
RegMan.zip 13 k 2001-06-14 Win R2000
Registry Manager is a utility designed to allow multiple AutoCAD 2000 based products to coexist on the same system by dynamically changing the registry key used by each installation. WARNING: REGISTRY HACKING IS VERY RISKY. DON'T USE THIS TOOL UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING!