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Periscope provides fast drawing entity feedback in a compact tooltip-like scope window as you move the cursor over the objects (including objects nested in blocks). The displayed information is designed to supplement the visual information seen on the screen by showing "invisible" properties in an intuitive and compact fashion. Two common uses are to quickly get a grasp on the contents of drawings obtained from third parties and to check drawings for drafting standards conformance. Custom extenders may be created in VBA or .NET to extend or modify the information displayed in the scope window by providing text with HTML formatting. Periscope supports the following platforms:

AutoCAD R14 - 2025
Bricscad 9 - 24
ZWCAD+ 2014 - 2017

Download the shareware version of Periscope and try it for yourself!


Periscope displays DXF name, layer, linetype, color, and attached URL of all objects, along with information specific to the object type. Selected Architectural Desktop and Land Development Desktop objects are supported, including wall, window, and door styles, cogo point data, and other similar properties of common elements. The following table shows an abbreviated list of object-specific information:

LINE length, bearing (angle), delta X,Y,Z (3D lines)
POLYLINE length, width, elevation, # segments, open/closed, spline type
LWPOLYLINE length, width, elevation, # segments, open/closed
ARC area, perimeter, radius
CIRCLE area, perimeter, diameter
3DSOLID volume, surface area
REGION area, perimeter
INSERT block name, scale factor(s), rotation
IMAGE image name, file name, scale, rotation
TEXT style, height, width factor
VIEWPORT scale, perspective, hidden line, and view-locked status
DIMENSION style, override and default text status

User settings include enabling and disabling the Periscope window from popping up automatically after the cursor pauses for a preset period of time, setting the length of the delay time, and setting whether Periscope loads automatically at startup. Periscope's window can also be activated manually at any time by using the PEEK command. Easy access to user settings is provided by a small Periscope icon in the status bar, the PERISCOPE command, or the (periscope) LISP function.

Here is a screen capture showing the Periscope popup scope window over an AutoCAD REGION object:


Buy Periscope now at our online store! For mail or fax orders, please download the shareware version of Periscope and use the included order form. Orders may be sent via phone, fax, or email. Purchase orders are accepted from established companies. Payment terms and instructions are available on our order form.

Buy Now US$40.00 Single User License
Buy Now US$220.00 20 User License (6-20 Users)
Buy Now US$700.00 100 User License (Unlimited Locations)
Buy Now US$700.00 Site License (Unlimited Users, Single Location)


Download a fully functional shareware version of Periscope: Periscope7.Shareware.msi (10.3 MB)

You may use this shareware version for evaluation purposes only (typically no more than 30 days.) Except for a reminder that displays when Periscope loads, this version is identical to the registered version of Periscope. Installation is very simple -- just run the MSI file. An order form is included with the download (OrderFrm.doc and OrderFrm.txt) or you can buy Periscope at our online store.

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