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QuikPik is a suite of user interface enhancements designed to make the AutoCAD interface more useful and productive. QuikPik adds 19 separate features including resizable dialogs, faster mouse input (no more missed clicks!), locking toolbars, enhanced right-click input, taller and wider dropdowns, and many more common user requests. QuikPik supports the following AutoCAD platforms:

AutoCAD R14 - R2025

Download the shareware version of QuikPik and try it for yourself!


Each QuikPik feature may be individually enabled or disabled at the user's discretion. If you would like a more detailed description of what each feature does, please download QuikPik now and browse the Windows help file included with the download. Here is a complete list of QuikPik features (note that not all features are available in all versions of AutoCAD):

1. Toolbar locking
2. Command line locking
3. Floating window locking
4. Quick toolbar buttons
5. Quick menus
6. Quick dialog buttons
7. Quick status bar buttons
8. Full path in title bar
9. Double-click translation
10. Enhanced right-click
11. Extended right-click
12. Current file autoselect
13. Extended height combos
14. Wide toolbar dropdowns
15. AutoCAD dialogs resizable
16. File dialogs resizable
17. Remember file list state
18. Remember 'read-only' state
19. Classic title bar

User Testimonials

"In 24 years of continuous AutoCAD use, QuikPik remains the BEST 3rd party add-on ever."
-- Barry Thomas
"Excuse the language but - bloody marvelous!"
-- Mike Vincent
"QuikPik is GREAT!! This is just what AutoCAD needed."
-- Terry Hickman
"You are nothing short of a God!!!!"
-- Brenda Manges
"My colleagues tried to kiss me when I showed them the features..."
-- Martin Groen
"On a scale of 1-10 it gets a 20....Way to go!!!"
-- Coe Bryan
"You seem to have an amazing ability to add features that are truly useful."
-- Kent Keller

This is just a small sample of the feedback we receive about QuikPik!
Send us your thoughts:


Buy QuikPik now at our online store! For mail or fax orders, please download the shareware version of QuikPik and use the included order form. Orders may be sent via phone, fax, or email. Purchase orders are accepted from established companies. Payment terms and instructions are available on our order form.

Buy Now US$30.00 Single User License
Buy Now US$160.00 20 User License (6-20 Users)
Buy Now US$500.00 100 User License (Unlimited Locations)
Buy Now US$500.00 Site License (Unlimited Users, Single Location)


Download a fully functional shareware version of QuikPik: QuikPik6.Shareware.msi (3.9 MB)

You may use this shareware version for evaluation purposes only (typically no more than 30 days.) Except for a reminder that displays when QuikPik loads, this version is identical to the registered version of QuikPik. Installation is very simple -- just follow the instructions in ReadMe.txt for your AutoCAD version. An order form is included with the download (OrderFrm.doc and OrderFrm.txt) or you can buy QuikPik at our online store.

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