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RoboCache™ is a command line tool for managing the offline files cache feature on Windows Vista®, Windows® 7 and Windows® 8 clients. The utility is designed to give system administrators complete control over offline files cache operations, including the ability to operate on entire directory trees quickly and efficiently by using wildcard filtering to ignore unwanted files and folders.

Download the shareware version of RoboCache and try it for yourself!


The RoboCache command line syntax is modeled after the ROBOCOPY command that is installed as part of the Windows operating system. RoboCache is designed for use on client computers to create, manage, and manually sync offline file relationships either by batch script or manual command line use. Virtually all exposed features and settings of the offline files cache are available via command line with RoboCache, including many that are not exposed in the Windows UI. Typical usage includes pinning and unpinning files in a directory hierarchy while filtering unwanted files and directories from the operation; or checking and logging the status of previously pinned files. Note that RoboCache is not equivalent to the CSCCMD utility available from Microsoft for older versions of Windows, although it does provide equivalent functionality in some cases.

There is no separate documentation, however ROBOCACHE /? displays syntax and command options. Following is a list of supported operations: 

  • info - display status info about the target(s)
  • pin - assure offline availability
  • unpin - unpin the target(s)
  • sync - synchronize cached files with remote files
  • rename - rename cached item (requires reboot)
  • delete - delete cached item
  • suspend - suspend the target folders (ignores files)
  • unsuspend - unsuspend the target folders (ignores files)
  • online - transition to online state
  • offline - transition to offline state
  • enable - enable offline files cache (ignores target)
  • disable - disable offline files cache (ignores target)
  • encrypt - encrypts offline files cache (ignores target)
  • decrypt - decrypts offline files cache (ignores target)


Buy RoboCache now at our online store!

Buy Now US$25.00   Single-User License
Buy Now US$120.00   20-User License (5-20 Users)
Buy Now US$350.00   100-User License (Unlimited Locations)
Buy Now US$350.00   Site License (Unlimited Users, Single Location)


Download a fully functional shareware version of RoboCache: RoboCache1.Shareware.msi (539k)

You may use this shareware version for evaluation purposes only (typically no more than 30 days.) Except for a reminder that displays when RoboCache runs, the shareware version is fully functional and otherwise identical to the registered version of RoboCache. You may buy RoboCache at our online store for immediate download.

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