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SuperPurge is designed to give AutoCAD users complete control over the contents of their drawing files. A dialog interface provides graphical access to hidden drawing database objects such as layers, dictionaries, proxy objects, and other symbol table objects. Even referenced objects may be purged safely and cleanly with the 'Hard' purge mode. SuperPurge supports the following AutoCAD platforms, including vertical market solutions based on these platforms (however AutoCAD LT is not supported):

AutoCAD R13c4 - R2025

Download the shareware version of SuperPurge and try it for yourself!


With SuperPurge, any database object can be purged. In 'normal' mode, only unreferenced objects are available for selection, however the special 'hard' purge mode allows even referenced symbol table objects to be cleanly purged. A dialog interface (click here for a screen shot) sheds light on the hidden objects often wasting space in drawing files, and allows easy and customizable selection for purging. Users can purge by individual selection, wildcards, or by using saved settings. An AutoLISP interface is provided for users who wish to include SuperPurge in their own custom scripts or LISP shortcuts.

Common uses for SuperPurge include drawing file cleanup in preparation for archiving, file size reduction for bloated drawings, cleanup of third party drawing files, and using the dialog interface to visually inspect drawing file contents. Not only is SuperPurge much more powerful than the built-in PURGE command, it is also safer. SuperPurge does an exhaustive inter-object reference check before every invocation, thus ensuring that no database corruption results.

Do you have drawings with layers that won't purge? Proxy objects that won't go away? Download SuperPurge today and put it to the test!

Revision History

Version Date Description 2024-04-27 Adds support for AutoCAD 2025. 2023-08-10 Adds support for AutoCAD 2024. 2022-05-15 Adds support for AutoCAD 2023. 2021-03-23 Adds support for AutoCAD 2022. 2020-04-05 Adds support for AutoCAD 2021. 2019-04-22 Adds support for AutoCAD 2020. 2018-04-02 Adds support for AutoCAD 2019. 2017-03-25 Adds support for AutoCAD 2018. 2016-03-26 Adds support for AutoCAD 2017. 2014-04-16 Adds support for AutoCAD 2015. 2013-04-19 Adds support for AutoCAD 2014. 2013-02-22 Addresses customer reported issue. 2011-04-04 Adds support for AutoCAD 2012. 2010-04-05 Adds support for AutoCAD 2011. 2010-02-20 Fixes installer issues, adds AutoCAD 2010 ribbon panel. 2009-07-07 Adds support for AutoCAD 2010.
2.098 2007-06-05 Adds support for AutoCAD 2008.
2.097 2006-08-19 Adds support for AutoCAD 2007.
2.096 2005-07-13 Fixed viewport frozen layer bug.
2.095 2005-07-05 Installer now supports AutoCAD 2006
2.093 2004-07-26 Resolves AutoCAD Mechanical 2004/2005 error.
2.092 2004-04-26 Fixes display flickering introduced in 2.091.
2.091 2004-04-13 Installer now recognizes and installs for AutoCAD 2005.
2.09 2004-02-18 Empty groups now correctly display as purgeable. Added workarounds for some problems encountered with AEC objects.
2.08 2003-05-27 AutoCAD 2004 now officially supported, fixed uninstall bug that could result in some partial menus failing to load after uninstall.
2.07 2002-02-01 Improved installation program fixes problems in Windows ME and Windows XP.  AutoCAD 2000i and AutoCAD 2002 now officially supported.
2.06 1999-06-14 Added support for AutoCAD 2000, including new Layout and Plot Style objects. Improved reporting when purging dictionaries.
2.04 1998-07-16 Added workaround to AutoCAD bug which could cause dictionary entries to be removed simply by scanning the drawing for referenced objects (e.g. just loading the SuperPurge dialog). Changed to count named objects dictionary hierarchy as "referenced" to prevent problems with add-ons such as Mechanical Desktop. Fixed 'Create settings file' bug so that 'Drawing Entity' settings are written correctly. Minor improvements to installation program.
2.03 1998-04-07 Fixed undo bug when running SuperPurge from R14 script. Changed default SPURGEALL behavior to ignore dictionary objects (to prevent unintended problems with third-party applications).
2.02 1998-02-11 Improved installation program, fixed bug which prevents warnings from remaining disabled.
2.01 1997-12-01 Minor bug fix release. Fixes problem with 'Purge All...' menu items and 'Exclude selected' bug.
2.00 1997-09-03 Major upgrade; uses ARX and adds support for R14. New features include automatic install/uninstall, "hard" purge option, context-sensitive help.
1.08 N/A This update adds support for AutoCAD R13c4, and corrects several bugs.
1.05 N/A This update fixes a problem with loading SPURGE.ARX on AutoCAD R13 for DOS in some configurations. It also adds unofficial support for AutoCAD R13c3 on Windows 95.
1.0 N/A First public release.


Buy SuperPurge now at our online store! For mail or fax orders, please download the shareware version of SuperPurge and use the included order form. Orders may be sent via phone, fax, or email. Purchase orders are accepted from established companies. Payment terms and instructions are available on our order form.

Buy Now US$30.00 Single User License
Buy Now US$300.00 20 User License (10-20 Users)
Buy Now US$900.00 100 User License (Unlimited Locations)
Buy Now US$900.00 Site License (Unlimited Users, Single Location)


Download a fully functional shareware version of SuperPurge: SuperPurge2.Shareware.exe (2.4 MB)

You may use this shareware version for evaluation purposes only (typically no more than 30 days.) Except for a reminder that displays when SuperPurge loads, this version is identical to the registered version of SuperPurge. Installation is quick and easy: just execute the downloaded file to start the automatic installation program. An order form is included with the download (OrderFrm.doc and OrderFrm.txt) or you can buy SuperPurge at our online store.

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